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Special announcement:  Congratulations West Valley Christian School for being granted a six year accreditation term by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. 

We have not earned a 6 year term for over 12 years! 

This is the highest accreditation term offered by WASC. Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, and Pepperdine University are a few names that come to mind when you think about prestigious, highly academic and accomplished universities. Of all the colleges and universities in the Western Region, only 161 have met high standards of quality and effectiveness to become accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). It is one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States that accredits prestigious colleges and universities named above, as well as junior colleges, and K-12 schools.

Dear West Valley Christian Preschool and School Families,

We want to share with you the findings of the 2015 visiting committee from Western Association of Schools and Colleges. 

WASC accreditation certified that West Valley Christian School is a trustworthy institution of learning and validated the integrity of our school's program as it supports student learning.  West Valley Christian School clearly displays strong core beliefs that are shared by all stakeholders: the importance of high academic achievement and the Christian faith. The school provides a safe and nurturing environment for learning that is enjoyed by students, faculty, and staff. The school shows a strong commitment to education beyond the classroom with dedication time and resources for athletics, arts, and service programs. The teachers are clearly dedicated to their students and to the school. The school is further enhanced by a caring support staff. School leadership has helped secure the viability of the school's mission.
Additional areas of strength recognized by WASC:      1. The dedicated members of the faculty love and cherish students to the extent that they are accessible to students and parents, responsive to student needs, and excellent teachers. In addition, many teachers have made a long-­term commitment to the school and stayed with the school despite lean economic times. 2. WVCS provides a variety of opportunities to develop student talents such as art, drama, sports, yearbook, and student council and extends, expands, and enhances student learning through numerous field trips and co-­curricular activities.  3. The school is committed to improvement through the addition of the Excellence Initiatives, Student Council, ASB, program directors, Acuity and IXL assessments, and surveys.  4. Teachers utilize opportunities for project-­based learning across multiple subject areas that excite and engage students. 5. Parents at WVCS support the school with time, money, and a passionate enthusiasm. 6. The school combined a marketing plan with an innovative educational program that has increased enrollment in recent years.  7. School administration has provided visionary leadership for securing the long term viability of WVCS.

WVCS is honored to have received accreditation by WASC.  read more


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