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Letter to SOV School Families from Mr. Swales CLICK HERE

Dear SOV Administration,                                                                                   April 13, 2016

I am the school administrator at West Valley Christian School and I wanted to send you a message of hope (I just discovered your school closure announcement).

Four years ago West Valley Christian School closed their high school and the parents and staff were devastated.  I was then hired to come to the San Fernando Valley to help WVCS grow but I quickly learned about the magnitude of this impact on generations of families who had been part of the school since 1978. 

With the recent news about SOV closing I wanted to offer of hope to the staff and families... As I have had to take my own family through this change of schools, employment and friendships.

I want to encourage you with the hope of finding another school to continue your careers in education.  Four years ago, my wife and I left Santa Clarita after serving 16 years as private school administrator and arrived at WVCS.  At the time my children were ages 10, 12, 14 and were devastated at the news of moving to another school.  Now, after four years, we have adjusted and found new traditions. It is not the same, but there are greater lessons learned adjusting to new traditions and making new friendships.  I share this with you to encourage you that other schools have fantastic people who will welcome you and your gifts.

Last year, I hired six staff from a small private school in Reseda that also closed its doors after 40 years of serving families.  After their school closure announcement, I visited the campus to extend an invitation to their parents and staff and found the experience awkward as it appeared I was trying to take advantage of their loss.  But my intentions were genuine and I hired six of their staff and was able to enroll 15 children at their existing tuition rate.   Today, I would like to extend an invitation to your staff and students to consider West Valley Christian School as a place of employment and education.

Next year, West Valley Christian School will be hiring three elementary teachers in TK, 1st grade, and 4th grade.  These employment opportunities are posted on our website:

I hope this email with give you hope for the future... It will never be the same as SOV but I hope your friendships will continue a lifetime!

All the best wishes to you and your SOV families.


Derek Swales
West Valley Christian School

Office: 818-884-4710 
Cell: 661-312-6984 
22450 Sherman Way, West Hills, CA 91307


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