Defining all parts of the educational program are the six Excellence Initiatives: Academic Excellence, Spiritual Development, Athletic Distinction, Creative Expression, Servant Leadership, and Technology Advancement. These six targets ensure students are prepared for all aspects of life outside of WVCS. The ultimate evaluators of the Excellence Initiatives are the WVCS Parents. Associated with the Excellence Initiatives are the Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs), which specifically detail the variety of goals from all six of the initiatives. 1. Express Christian morals, ethics, and leadership values. 2. Demonstrate an aligned, advanced, and dynamic academic foundation. 3. Formulate critical and creative thinking and implementation. 4. Employ effective communication in written composition, oral presentation, and group collaboration. 5. Display holistically healthy lifestyles through fitness, nutrition, and introspection. 6. Practice mastery in and application of technology.
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