WASC/ACSI Accreditations and DNA Acadamy Sports Performance Training

West Valley Christian School is WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited and is a member of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).

Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, and Pepperdine University - these are just a few of the nortorious universities that come to mind when you think about these prestigious accreditations in which WVCS shares.

Of all the colleges and universities in the Western Region, only 161 have met the high standards of quality and effectiveness to become accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, (WASC). It is one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States that accredits prestigious colleges and universities, junior colleges, and K-12 schools. WVCS is honored to have received accreditation by WASC. After completing a rigorous three year self-assessment, committee review and evaluation, WVCS received full accreditation term. As a WASC accredited school, families may have confidence in WVCS's purpose, mission, and educational goals. Accreditation also assures parents that our purposes are being accomplished through a visionary educational program. Highlights: The school provides a rich, well-rounded, challenging, and sequential curriculum that is constantly enhanced. The staff is dedicated, enthusiastic, and committed to the school's vision of academic excellence. The school leadership team is dedicated to the school’s purpose and monitors the work of the staff to ensure that the programs remain effective and successful. The visionary and passionate leadership personnel insure that WVCS provides a rigorous and challenging academic program. A wholesome school culture that results in high morale among staff that leads to positive relationships with students and parents. The responsiveness of the head office and site administration to teacher needs is impressive. High academic achievement across the entire student body is achieved. We commend the exceptionally clean and safe school. A pervasive atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment to student learning is established. WASC accreditation certifies that West Valley Christian School is a trustworthy institution of learning and validates the integrity of our school's program as it supports student learning. AUGUST 2015 announcement: "WVCS is awarded the highest term from WASC." read more

As a parent, if you are looking for additional challenges for the advanced learner or assisting your child with intervention, WVCS can provide your family with an innovative 21st century education!  

WVCS delivers an athletic curriculum, in which Sports Performance methodology is incorporated and taught by strength and conditioning performance coaches. You’ll be trained the same way the professionals are – maybe even better!

So how can you improve your athleticism to gain that split-second edge over the competition? The answer is simple – sports performance training. Your opponents won’t see you coming!  They assist in the ongoing development of programs which are scientifically designed to improve speed, power and agility. School day sports performance training groups average 10 athletes to one performance coach. We believe that training in small groups allows more personal one-on-one attention between coach and athlete, which ensures that each athlete will be able to get the instructions he or she needs to improve. This gives coaches the opportunity to make corrections where necessary and gives athletes the opportunity to see how they are improving. Now is the time to make your athletic dreams come true! • Become quicker, stronger, and more explosive on the court. • Increase Your Vertical • Gain Strength and Flexibility • Reduce the likelihood of Injury We are encouraging athletes of all clubs both within and outside of the West Hills area to “attend school with your teammates” so you can access our one-of-a-kind athletic program.

The WVCS Basketball program will be offered for players starting as young as Kindergarten through 8th grade.

DNA Prep Academy is WVCS’s Academy For Student-Athlete Development.

DNA Prep Academy is WVCS's specialized and unrivaled middle school program that combines the very best of academics and athletics. Student-athletes who are committed to the DNA program, and who take full advantage of our unmatched resources, will unlock their true potential and leave as the best version of themselves.

To meet the unique needs of serious student-athletes, we have customized our award winning educational programs to include the very best in sport-specific training, performance training (strength, speed, agility), and sports medicine - allowing our students to develop academically, athletically, spiritually, mentally, and to gain the skills needed to excel in their sport.

We are currently enrolling for the 2020/2021 school year serious 6th-8th grade student-athletes who play Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, and Tennis.

For more information on DNA Academy click the following link dnaprepacademy.com or email us at info@dnaprepacademy.com

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